About the Author

Dr. Charlie Shedd
1915  -  2004



Dr. Charlie W. Shedd was a master communicator of homespun wisdom.  He spent a lifetime making God's grandest truth available to even the simplest of folks.

Dr. Shedd served as a Presbyterian minister for over 50 years.  He was  the shepherd of small country churches and big city cathedrals.  Along the way, he walked alongside janitors, farmers, physicians, senators, and presidential cabinet members.  "Pastor Shedd" never met a stranger, or left anyone who did not feel richer for being in this presence.

He authored over 40 books, wrote nationally syndicated columns, and was a favorite guest of numerous television and radio personalities.  He was credited with being originator ofCharlie Shedd and Martha marry the Christian weight-loss movement, and along with Bill Cosby, he helped plant Quest courses in thousands of middle and high schools across the country.

Perhaps more than anything, save his role as a husband to Martha and later to Anna Ruth, Charlie will be remembered for advice on love and relationships.  The high-water mark for these efforts can be found in the classic books, Letters to Karen and Letters to Philip.  These books have sold in the millions.  He mentored a Christian generation in the art of keeping Christ and joy in the heart of relationships.

Charlie Shedd and Anna Ruth marryCharlie Shedd came to personify the best ideals of Christian counseling.  He knew the pain life can bring.  He knew how to communicate God's love and wisdom directly to aching hearts.

We remember Charlie and the way he always signed off his radio program:  God loves you and so do I, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it.     



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